evolves its role with a new strategy, from product provider to knowledge provider.


The training by METRO.

Metroacademy is born, the “square” of training by Metro Italia Cash & Carry. For the first time, Metro acts as a trainer, as a supplier of knowledge rather than of products. Furthermore, the training courses, delivered by selected partners, have different formats and procedures that must be harmonized.

Map the needs.

The project was carried out in three acts and two releases: the first, a site for the first institutional communications with the stakeholders, in the second, courses catalog and e-commerce were added for full operation. The numerous stakeholders of the project were involved in the analysis phase to understand what and how could be offered to users. Users who as customers already have a relationship with METRO, with the rituals defined by strict administrative procedures. The analysis was the essential basis on which to graft the subsequent design work, coordinated with the agencies involved in the project.

New habits, new processes.

The discovery and purchase experience was modeled on canonical ecommerce processes, leaving the right space for the titled trainers involved. The system offers a new service to METRO customers and does so by integrating different platforms, in terms of structure and content. The development then saw a serious testing phase to prove compliance with the strict technical requirements required.

A new beginning.

Thus begins a new experience for METRO and its customers that will be followed, perfected and promoted to achieve the desired success.

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