Nanni Nember

It continuously redefines the role of a dealership with experience of absolute reference


Beyond the standard.

Absolute reference for the BMW and MINI brand, Nanni Nember is the quintessence of the dealership where product, structure and service are constantly changing and tend to a level that redefines standards each time.

We have designed a digital place in harmony with the future and the high expectations that users and customers now expect, which has led to excellent results.

Fast evolve for the better.

Continuous evolution was the basis of the project , measured and calibrated interventions, in order to leave space and time for users to become familiar with each new proposal, which in the meantime was monitored and evaluated for how it was used. And if necessary recovery.

A successful brand experience

The adherence to the communication of the parent company’s brands and the continuous monitoring of user behavior create continuity between media and channels capable of guaranteeing an experience that in terms of pleasantness, usefulness and effectiveness express substantial results: engagement and requests have increased, not least the renewed recognition of Nanni Nember’s brand awareness. Site, app and management system talk to each other to guarantee a seamless all-round service. All the promotional activities in place (SEO, ADV and CONTENT) are then wisely orchestrated and supported by marketing intelligence activities which, as for the user experience – UX – are guided by data in a direct and continuous way.




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