Cereser Marmi

Innovating the sales process with augmented reality

Experience made on behalf of DueEsseGroup Srl


The right material at the right time

CERESER is an undisputed leader in the sector of natural stone slabs, such as marble and granite, and also wanted to express technological leadership. Among the various augmented reality projects, the one for CERESER stands out for its scope as a pioneering application that has redefined the state of the art of the sector’s sales process and captured the attention of an entire edition of Marmomac, the prestigious exhibition International Stone Design and Technologies.

A complex choice

The application is an innovative solution to facilitate the choice among the countless types of material that nature offers. In fact, natural stone retains the best material expressiveness for kitchen worktops, offers a unique feeling to those who appreciate it and can transform a beautiful kitchen into a unique kitchen. The price is the very variety of natural material to choose from, a long operation that requires a lot of effort from everyone: end customer, retailer and CERESER itself.

Simplify the experience

The intuition of applying augmented reality in this context made it possible to drastically reduce the entire sales process. It offers the end customer the opportunity to appreciate the material applied in advance, and more fully, to compare the performance of different materials and choose with a higher degree of awareness. The retailer no longer forced to handle small tiles with the customer that are ineffective and imprecise in conveying the idea of ​​the material applied can now with the App show the end customer more fully the performance of natural stone on his furniture. Customer who can now extend his experience even at home, thanks to the App and simple “postcards”, showing how the kitchen will come with one of the natural stones chosen to anyone who wants to involve in the final choice: husband, wife, friends or consultants. End of many discussions and end of tens of kilos of expensive tiles shipped around the planet.

New, sustainable, effective

Augmented reality has radically transformed the sales dynamics that reseller customers can in turn establish with the end customer, innovating the customer journey of all the actors involved which has led to an increase in the pleasure of the lived experience, a better perception of CERESER brand and the drastic reduction of logistic costs of the supply chain with the elimination of traditional “tiles”. A growing augmented reality experience, which starts from the retailer’s shop and reaches the end customer’s home.

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