A unique, engaging and "state of the art" experience

Made on behalf of DueEsseGroup SpA


First Italian experience that combines the use of augmented reality and the command gestures typical of the technologies of the Kinect system (Microsoft).

Avant-garde, not for nothing

People can live a truly immersive experience and freely command it with body gestures. They can choose their favorite car model, manipulate it, configure it and request a test drive or detailed brochure. They can photograph themselves and send a souvenir photo of the experience to their Facebook profile. Presented in a prestigious context, this unique solution was able to underline AUDI’s innovative vision and technological leadership. The platform also collected all usage data to allow accurate analysis of user preferences.

First at La Scala del Calcio

Allowing the guests of the executive area of ​​the Milan stadium to have a unique, engaging and highly innovative experience during AC Milan matches. “At the forefront of technology” is not just a saying for AUDI: the experience had to have unique elements of innovation, explore the boundaries of current technologies and be pleasantly engaging.

Emerging media

This application has hybridized two innovative technologies, the first is augmented reality and the second is the Microsoft Kinect control system that detects body movements and allows you to make it a kind of remote control. With augmented reality we have brought the user into an artificial context, but visible without special aids and controllable. With the command gestures of the Kinect system technologies we have instead led the user to interact in a plastic way with the application, a physical and emotional engagement for a memorable experience.

Steady and efficient

We had to control the application usage context so as not to interrupt the user experience. Lights and reflections, position and transit of the people involved and spectators, hardware, network, connections… The application had to work and collect important data for AUDI and there was no way to repeat the single event. Qualified personnel supervised and coordinated the assigned hostesses, so that each scheduled appointment was able to take place successfully and without interruption.

The experience was appreciated by users who welcomed it with enthusiasm and participation. In addition to the numerous “in app” requests promptly processed and delivered to the client, for each person who directly experienced the experience, a stage effect was produced involving a large number of those present, who were able to live the experience indirectly and also interact they with the brand.

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