First Italian cycling store to redesign the shopping experience and accelerate performance.


Grow fast

Lordgun is a relatively young reality in the world of ecommerce that has its roots in a solid and successful past in the world of cycling: the result of a combination of innovation and experience. In a short time, the continuous growth of orders and the increasingly frequent demand for new products oblige LORDGUN to begin a complete renewal that leads it to a turning point in 2014: implement a new logistics system that accelerates restocking, shipments and reduces errors by launching a new ecommerce.

The result is a product-oriented design, which allows the user to make the right choice in the shortest possible time.

Activate new habits.

Redesigning the LORDGUN online shopping experience means intervening on a loyal, demanding user base with consolidated habits: a niche of users who, with their eyes closed, find what they need and buy it. Even replacing the company management system and intervening on a platform that manages hundreds of daily orders, changes the internal operations to introduce logic of behavioral analytics, reduce the management times of products and shipments.

So we identified a “pilot group” among LORDGUN’s loyal customers, listened to how they related to the platform and understood where their experience could improve, to focus the redesign of the user experience on the positive and negative peaks of the purchasing process.

Lead to the right product.

The result is a product-oriented design, which allows the user to make the right choice in the shortest possible time. The interface is clear and pleasant, ready to be scaled in responsive mode on different devices and thus make the shopping experience universal.
The search results have been designed to be directed to the commercial proposal, the predictive search allows the user to obtain the desired products more accurately, as well as the use of tags on the products limits the possible mistakes made by the user SHIMANO = SCIMANO.

Performance and technique.

The innovative programming techniques adopted are also part of the solution: the Domain-Driven Design (DDD) and CQRS (Command Query Responsibility Segragation) approach allows for highly scalable, maintainable and performing systems. We have reviewed the “technological heart” of the platform by bringing events to the center of the system with Event Sourcing. Now it is possible to continuously know each user action to understand how he uses the platform, if he has difficulties and where we can improve his experience, as well as intervening much more quickly in identifying and solving possible problems by adopting a development model driven by tests (TDD). The redesign of internal processes (warehouse management, item availability path, package preparation, etc …) and the adoption of a new specially developed management software (tablet dashboard, web synchronicities) has optimized order fulfillment times.

Extend the experience.

Crossdevice solutions, marketing extended to search engines (SEO, SEA), social networks and marketplaces, lead to maximizing visibility in each market.
Today ecommerce is growing on every indicator and LORDGUN is the first all-Italian ecommerce in the cycling sector. Customers have enthusiastically welcomed the new experience, the efficient and satisfied managers. A success on all fronts that we intend to cultivate following the rhythms of the development of a complex site like few ecommerce sites in Italy and Europe.


Increase in revenue over the previous year


Increase of sessions compared to the previous year


Increased average shopping cart value

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