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CAST Alimenti is not an ecommerce of cooking courses, it is the first school of the crafts of taste in Italy. A school of this importance does not simply offer a catalog of courses that can be purchased online, but professional training courses, real “life missions”.

CAST Alimenti,
the school of the crafts of taste

The users, the protagonists.

The redesign of the user experience began both from the responses to the quality questionnaires and from an “in the field” survey of the needs of all the people involved. A first analysis of CAST Alimenti users and business dynamics highlighted how the various players interacted during the purchasing processes: online and offline. Only later did we know what to do, they told us.

Student stories.

Professions of taste means interdisciplinary paths that lead to a profession, years of effort and dedication that culminate with one’s self-realization in the world of catering. These experiences must be told and must become an integral part of the decision making process: awareness, choice and action. The form is deliberately simple, minimal, the focus is on the testimonial to allow the user to identify with.

The charisma of the teachers.

First school in Italy with a palmares of international awards envied worldwide. Hence the prestige and substance of the CAST Alimenti proposal, a value to be communicated with elegance and a critical element for the choice of the proposal itself. We have made it an essential hub of the experience of discovery and purchase of the course, a link between the “protagonists” and the “products” with the same pleasant editorial tone of the project.

Making complexity enjoyable.

We have designed cards that present the courses at their best and give the user the opportunity to fully grasp all the numerous details. The interface is clear, useful and pleasant to use on different devices, whether desktop, tablet and mobile, in order to make the experience of discovery and purchase of the course universal. At the same time, the administration backend accepted, streamlined and ordered the management procedures that derive from the acquisition of the order and from the management of the trainee’s life cycle.

Harmony and emotions.

Involvement has allowed us to become familiar with consumers. Already in the course sheet, with the integration of user-generated content, we have provided users with relevant opinions of other like-minded consumers and aspirations. Supported by promotional actions on SEM search engines (SEO + SEA), by Digital PR via social media and blogs, as well as by email marketing, ecommerce produces orders with great satisfaction for CAST Alimenti and much pride for us at Evoluzione.


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