Embraces online commerce for the bride and groom world, with silver, precious and home accessories


Renew a tradition.

ZANOLLI means silverware for special occasions, in the wake of a family tradition that has lasted since 1856 and stands out for quality, elegance and service. It is not just spouses and silverware, but has thousands of items in the catalog available in numerous variations and suitable for the most diverse occasions.

Bringing the ZANOLLI experience back to an online shopping experience does not only presuppose the creation of an ecommerce platform integrated with the company management system, but knowing how to deal with such an important heritage.

Fulfilling shopping experience.

We have enriched the perception of the product according to the expectations of consumers, putting them in front of a retailer able to understand their implicit motivations and to provide products, offers and services that align with their needs. To allow the user the best control of the shopping experience we have then created a responsive design.

Act as a publisher.

Every company must see itself as a publisher and act accordingly. There is always a great story around a ZANOLLI product and the magazine draws the right context in which the user makes his online shopping experience. We have thus created the opportunity to express these stories, preserving the purchase intent in a larger framework made up of content, images and delicate textures.

Personalization, that’s what they wanted.

If finding the right product is important, it is even more important to be able to make it unique. Parcel, paper, bow, ticket and engraving are an integral part of the product, they cannot be missing. But we didn’t know, not before asking those who used the platform on a daily basis. Because you feel it when the shopping experience is tailor-made.

Broaden the context to make the difference.

The digital environment is broad, so we have adapted. We have increased the number and use of digital channels to exploit a phenomenon known as social proof in our communication strategy. We have enriched the context with the actions and wishes of other consumers who are similar in mentality and behavior. We got into confidence and gained trust from consumers. This not only allowed us to increase conversions , but encouraged them to be ambassadors of the ZANOLLI brand.

Growing up

The road taken is long and poorly lit, but we have chosen an extremely effective evolutionary approach. The excellent results achieved allow ZANOLLI to consolidate the positions reached, and then imagine tomorrow how to continue to support business growth towards ambitious goals.


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