De Agostini

Revive the characters of “Once Upon a Time... Life” with Augmented Reality.


The sticker album comes alive.

A special De Agostini project for Alì Supermercati that brings back Maestro, the Viruses and all the other characters from “Once Upon a Time… Life”, in a brand new collection of 148 stickers, dedicated to sport and movement. Hence the creation of an augmented reality app to enter a world of games, cartoons, videos, but above all to animate and interact with the characters of the album, to make the users protagonists!

An augmented reality app to enter a world of games and cartoons

Storytelling & Storyboard.

Easily governing complex experiences is an accomplishment that requires hard work. The user experience was designed to make true the promises of an idea as powerful as the one of being able to animate fictional characters, plus the other sections with games, videos and cartoons that must coexist in the same very limited space.

Part of a pre-existing imaginary.

The world between fantasy and science of Once Upon a Time… Life brings with it a well-defined imaginary and rich in characterized suggestions with which the application of Augmented Reality has had to deal. Users can animate the characters of the special stickers, they can also make them interact with each other, go around them, approach them and even… touch them ! But these are “known” characters, so we worked on attitudes so that simple 3D characters came to life in a coherent way with their personality and could give the right sense of familiarity.

With this Augmented Reality application, Alì Supermercati has innovated its proposal with an important step that has been highly appreciated by its public and has obtained excellent reviews from the media.

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