Google Ads Campaigns

How to make the most of your Google Ads account?

Everyone can create simple campaigns in Google Ads, but fewer and fewer know how to make them profitable.


Choose the right partner

To make your ecommerce sell or get qualified leads, the right solution is to choose professionals who can best manage your Google Ads account.

  • Specialized Agency (we are not only certified) in all 5 specializations
  • Management of International BTB and BTC Campaigns Google Shopping Specialist
  • Search Network, Shopping, Display and Remarketing, Video.
    CPA / ROI / ROAS are our bread and butter
  • Advanced Shopping Feed Optimization

Does it cost too much to acquire a customer? Do the costs outweigh the earnings? We are AdWords professionals able to make the most of your investment.

Google Ads (the old Adwords program) is just a very sophisticated tool for getting results (sales or leads). Mechanically setting up campaigns is not enough for us to bring results. We have a broad and diversified approach and, where possible, we create an organic investment plan to give the client the most sustainable solution for his business. We have a daily relationship with our customers and at least one monthly meeting in which we analyze the results and plan the subsequent activities.

  • Google Ads Certified Professionals
  • Each consultant manages a limited number of clients
  • 1 Meeting a Month with Specialists and Designers
  • We are Partner… of the CUSTOMER 🙂
  • In addition to Adwords, there is more: Facebook Adv, Outbrain, Adform, Bing, AdRoll

Planning / Optimization / Analysis of results.
Wheeling and dealing you want your ecommerce to sell more, if possible with the same investments. Or you would like the company site to constantly produce qualified leads that then become contracts.

Let’s build a web marketing plan together