Do you want to innovate with Augmented Reality or Virtual Reality?

Rely on an agency that has already faced these complexities and made working applications of Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality for important brands.


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We study new solutions and hybridize them with the known ones to obtain much more than the sum of the parts: we make real innovation to put concretely at your service.

We operate with an iterative method based on the continuous validation of what we do.

Understand — Plan — Act — Measure —

Understand — Plan — Act — Measure —

Understand — Plan — Act — Measure —

Understand — Plan — Act — Measure —

During these learning loops we will work with you and you will be part of the team, thus gaining greater flexibility, reducing waste and keeping the focus on your goals. Design and marketing as proof of facts.

  • we focus on the experience we want to achieved with people
  • we choose what to do on the basis of costs / opportunities
  • we create a functioning, pleasant, effective application
  • we promote the app to draw attention

Our boundary is made up of a large number of experimental technologies: drones, immersive helmets for Virtual Reality, laser scanners, touch screens and goggles for Augmented Reality, digital sensors “connected” to the Internet of Things (IOT), remote control of devices. We use the combination of our skills in design and programming to allow you to take advantage of new forms of communication, add value to a service, up to introducing process innovation.

Our results.
We have already solved these complexities, take advantage of them!

For several years we have been commissioned for augmented reality and virtual reality works which we have honored with well-made projects. We have research projects mentioned on the prestigious Channel9 as pioneering and extremely innovative works with which we “just had fun”. Here we report only the case studies that we believe can provide a good overview: DeAgostini, Audi and Cereser, whom we thank for believing in us.

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